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“...art must must carry man's craving for the ideal, must be an expression of his reaching out towards it; that art must give man hope and faith. And the more hopeless the world in the artist's version, the more clearly perhaps must we see the ideal that stands in opposition - otherwise life becomes impossible! Art symbolises the meaning of our existence.”


― Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

“If you take some words at random and put them together, it becomes gibberish, and everyone who knows the meaning of words knows it as such. But if you take unrelated moving images and string them together, there will always be some people who will hold that the resultant strip of celluloid aims at some profundity.”

― Satyajit Ray, Satyajit Ray on Cinema

"Tagore once said - art has to be beautiful, but, before that, it has to be truthful. Now, what is truth? There is no eternal truth. Every artist has to learn private truth though a painful private process. And that is what he has to convey."


Ritwik Ghatak, Cinema and I

"Photography is Truth. The Cinema is Truth Twenty-four Times Per Second."
– Jean-Luc Godard

"I think we create our world through stories. We use storytelling to escape or protect ourselves from the unimaginable and the horrible - from the real, in a way. It's like white light - if you put everyday reality through a prism you get this rainbow of colors that you couldn't see before. I'm interested in exploring the world to show the things that are invisible. And not just undocumented aspects of reality, but to actually make manifest things that have been hitherto invisible through the intervention of filmmaking." ~ Joshua Oppenheimer

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Art, in all forms, inspires us. From the first drawings of the prehistoric man to Artificial Intelligence driven illustrations, the journey of art has been one of curiosity, progress and redemption. The form of cinema is the most impactful of them all. It is only this art-form that has the power to  blend time with space. The real and the imaginary correspond to one another in films. It is only in cinema that we can reflect, introspect and often modify our realities as well as our history. It is a medium to look into our past and our future.


The transnationality of films often translates one civilization to another. Cinema is  a calling card for universal values of humanity. 

We are here to celebrate this power of films :  the power to unite, the power to transform and transcend. We are the 4th Dimension Independent  Film Festival!

Welcome on board!